Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Gals Event Planning

     So, I have been working in the world of event planning for a year now.  It's so much more than planning parties and I am very proud of the work that we do and the lives we can touch.  I mean, yes we plan parties but the charity work is what means the most to me.  Working with groups like Ear Candy, The Illinois Jacquet Foundation, Casting for Recovery, Network For Change, Liberty Wildlife, Susan G. Komen...well it makes the hours of planning and the craziness of event days more than worth it! 
     Most charity groups are formed because of an overwhelming need.  People have a disease, schools or community projects are underfunded, animals are harmed, the environment is suffering...  There is almost always a sad side to why the charity group exists.  Even though the reason behind creating a charity can be a harsh reality, I have learned that so many wonderful people bring their energy and pour their heart into the charity because they KNOW that they can make a difference.  They are vibrant people who are involved because it is in their heart to do so!  I've met so many amazing people over this last year. 
     And, so what does Two Gals Event Planning bring to all of this?  Fun, exciting, interesting and joyous events that raise much needed funds for these charity groups.  We involve the attendees in the spirit of the charity and they leave with so much more than memories of a fun time.  They leave with knowing more about these amazing charities and with the knowledge that they are helping make the world a better place.
      This past Sunday we had a motorcycle ride in support of Liberty Wildlife.  The ride ended at Cody's Restaurant in Cave Creek, Arizona.  Yes, it was a beautiful day.  Yes, everybody had a good time.  Yes, money was raised for a great cause.  What will people remember the most?  At the tail end of the event, two red tail hawks were released from the upper deck of Cody's and back into the wild.  All of those wonderful people that were brought together for the ride got to take home a first hand experience of what amazing work Liberty Wildlife does.  They all saw that two native birds that had been injured were now healthy again and back out soring in the Arizona sky's.  It was a thrill for all, me included.  So, thank you to all of the employees and volunteers at Liberty Wildlife for the amazing work you do every day.  Thank you to Cody's, The Dirty Dog Saloon, Logan's Valley Motorcycles, The American Legion in Fountain Hills, Paul Yaffe, APS and Law Tiger's for your sponsorship and support.  Thank you to all of the wonderful folks that came out to ride! 

:-)  Amy

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