Monday, June 25, 2012

Help us Help Others!

Two Gals Event Planning has applied for the
Chase Bank - Mission Small Business Grant!

Think of all of the good that
Two Gals Event Planning
could do with a $250,000 grant! 

Two Gals Event Planning supports local charities
who work on behalf of Breast Cancer Survivors,
Children who have been abused,
neglected, hurt or with special needs,
Veterans groups, animal rescue,
and many more...
Please help us continue to serve our community here in Arizona. 
Vote for Two Gals Event Planning at

We need at least 250 votes by June 30, 2012.
To vote - Go to    
and do the following:
1.  Log-in using facebook.
2.  Under the heading "Vote Local" do the business search
     for "Two Gals Event Planning"
3.  Under the state search, choose "Arizona".
4.  Under the city search, choose "Scottsdale".
5.  Click the blue SEARCH button.
6.  Then, VOTE for us!!!  It's that easy!
See what we do!  Go to

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