Monday, April 11, 2011

Thinking ahead...

     Summer ALWAYS comes early to Phoenix Arizona.  We were hitting near 100' about a week ago, had this past weekend for rain and cool temps but I know the triple digits are just around the corner and will be here to stay ...for months.  I have lived in Arizona since the summer of 1995 so I know what to expect.  The last few years the heat seems to be getting to me more and more and by the end of August I feel downright cranky! 
     This year however, I'm looking forward to summer.  I can't say that there is an exact reason for this...It will still be several long months of 105' plus in the shade.  You can't put laundry out on the line to dry in the daytime cause it will bleach out your clothes, and midnight swimming is a must...but this year I'm looking forward to the challenge of working on maybe a few pool parties with the event company.  I really want to work with a local company that wants to have some sort of an employee thank you kind of summer pool party shin-dig!  How much fun would it be to take over one of the amazing local hotel pools and host one heck of an evening poolside get together?  So, I'm putting out into the universe that Two Gals is looking for this kind of June or July event.  If you own a company or work for one that is looking for some way to thank employees...get a hold of us and let us plan this for you.  Let's bust out the BBQ grill and the pool noodles and plan a good time!

:-) AZ summer time...bring it on!


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