Monday, December 19, 2011

As the year winds down and 2012 approaches...

     As the year winds down and 2012 approaches, we would like to take a moment and reflect on 2011.  We must do this by saying thank you to all of the people that have made Two Gals so successful and growing.

     First off, our sponsors, fabulous supporters and vendors.  To Kim at Hazen Computers for all of the "geek" support!  To Kari Zemper and Studio Vino winery, what a delightful place and amazing people, black cherry pinot noir is just Divine! Michelle Corr, for her expertise in getting our events out there. Miranda's Kiss for spicing up any event lip service style!  Dena Patton from Chat Chew and Chocolate for her referrals and shoe style! Thank you to Chester's Harley-Davidson and Mr. Ed Leclere for everything they do!. Suzy Q " Mrs. Yaffe" and Paul Yaffe for supporting our outreach.  Logans Valley Motorcycles for being behind us from the beginning. The Dirty Dogg Saloon for always showing our guest how to party!  THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF Networking For Change for allowing us to showcase our events, for their recommendations, friendship and wonderful outreach. To the North Scottsdale Chamber for all of the support from it's fantastic members! China Mist Tea, Shalimar Golf Course, Gray Hawk Golf Course, Stonecreek Golf Course and Dixon Golf. The Whitehouse Women's golf league for helping us make some of the most off the hook golf tournaments around! Julianna Salvante for always getting that shot! Chris Vitale for setting the mood music and coming to the rescue with the amp! Becky! Shear Dream. Bonfire Grill and Bar for treating our guest like royalty! Thank You to Mr. Eddie Fischer from Saverio and Cuff Links for a Cause for always classing up the joint!  To Greg Swiszcz and all of the folks at AD2 Phoenix.  Dinners by Dani for helping us be food happy. And to our clients, who have kept us in business over the past years and with their trust allowed us into their lives, businesses, homes, and hearts! We love you and Thank You!

     To our friends, family, and all our loved ones! We THANK YOU for volunteering, for attending and for allowing us to party with a purpose with you! YOU are why we are where we are Today!  Shelley and Vincent, Bugsy and Dave, Aloha, The Crusaders, Robin and Dave, Shannon Dealing, Amy Sue, BBQ Bryan, Laura Rasmussen, Lindsey Beres, Randy and Kim, Cheryl and Ron, Pam, Ed (I have a hammer in my truck) Black, Diane Jentzsch, The Daughtery's, Michelle, Wendy and Jeff, Sonja and Rick, Roy, Andrea M and our Family's and so many more... Thank you for a successful year and many more!  We LOVE and Appreciate you ALL!!

Bests wishes for the new year,

Melissa (Missi) Hughes, Amy Rose Rey, Jules Elliott, April Ledoux and Dawn Kackley


  1. Love u gals! Great year.... Cant wait to do more together in 2012!

  2. Ah Thank you...Merry Christmas to you as well! Cheers to a successful 2012!