Saturday, December 24, 2011

Melissa's story of Liberty Wildlife and a Motorcycle...

     On March 24th 2012, Liberty Wildlife/ Two Gals Promotions will be raffling off a Brand New only 10 miles on it 2010 Harley-Davidson Soft-tail Deluxe. Tickets are 100 bucks each and we are only selling 500 of them. The raffle will be drawn at Chester’s Harley-Davidson Backstage Biker Bash party.

You do not have to be present to WIN!!!

     On March 24th it will be my 5th Anniversary ride and Final year hosting the Born 2B Wild Ride for Liberty Wildlife. I have been with Liberty Wildlife for 15 years and watched this amazing foundation save over 67,000 animals since 1981. There passion is infectious, there determination is awarded and there hearts are huge! This foundation helped save my life in more ways than one. I came to liberty at a point and time in my life, I needed some major healing, and that is just what Liberty Wildlife gave me Healing and Hope. The animals thou wild didn’t care about my past, my tattoos, my weight, nothing. They just wanted to be fed and healed. So as I rescued them, they rescued me right back, and I have been here ever since. The amazing creatures I deal with on a daily basis keep me grounded and make me see what’s really important and teach me a few things every day. 

     Liberty Wildlife does thousands of rescues a year, thousands of educational outreach programs for ALL ages , they do Research and Conservation programs that help save habitat and teach Power companies how to be environmentally friendly. We only have one planet and it must be respected and Liberty Wildlife is an embodiment of that. At Liberty Wildlife we even have a high respect for the ones that have passed on, When we lose an animal we have a program that allows us to save certain carcass and feathers and we are able to send them to Native American Tribes Nationwide for their spiritual and ritual masterpieces, church ceremonies, events and so forth, it is truly an amazing honor to be a part of on behalf of the tribes and the spirit of the animals, and its just the right thing to do. On May 5th 2012 , I will be resigning from my position as Daily Care Coordinator at Liberty Wildlife and as much as it saddens me it is a move I am both scared and excited to take. I will still volunteer some of my time, as Liberty Wildlife is part of my soul and who I am as a living being. When we as Bikers ride and experience close up and personal one on one with the road, we come across so much nature and wildlife in our travels that I am forever Thankful that a place like Liberty Wildlife exists so that I can look up and see a Eagle soaring thur the Sky, or a Pack of Harris Hawks hunting like Wolves in the daylight keeping the rodent population under control and so much more. So I am asking of my friends, family, and strangers to help me go out with a bang on March 24th 2012, by purchasing a raffle ticket, or attending the Born 2B Wild Ride. As I ride off to my newest of adventures. 

           This is my story, and I am forever grateful to the staff, volunteers, sponsors and donors I have had the pleasure of meeting, knowing and begging from over these 15 years. I thank you all for enriching my life and making me a better person.
      Melissa Hughes - President, Two Gals Event
      How to get a raffle ticket... 
People can buy raffle tickets at: Logan's Valley Motorcycles, Chester's Harley Davidson, Dirty Dogg Saloon, Liberty Wildlife or on my site at : The Bike is on display at the Dirty Dogg Till next Thursday and then at the Hideaway January 15th. Online we take Visa/MasterCard. Everywhere else is cash or check made out to Two Gals Events. This is a tax-deductible on your taxes. 
Keep watch for news about Liberty’s 5th Anniversary ride : Born 2B Wild.

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